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RAY MAC is owned & operated by Ray R. Macmorris for over 10 years. I will guarantee to keep you covered for all your home improvement and construction needs. I have been doing home improvements for over 15 years. I started out as a roof mechanic back in the early 90s. As I worked for numerous contractors for those first years, i was known as RayMac the roof mechanic, that’s how I keep the name RAY MAC Roofing.

But over the years I also worked for some construction companies doing siding, windows, finished basements, decks, framing and so on. I also worked for a company that turned your garage into the biggest closet in the home. I customized garages to 2 years by myself so you can have storage space with shelves, baskets, cabinet and so on.

To this day I still do a lot of the work myself, I am on the job from start to finish. I do one job at a time no matter what it is, from siding to windows to gutters & leaders and those small repairs in and outside the home.

I use only quality materials at affordable rates. With my experience over the years, I like to make the job a good experience for the homeowner as well as myself. I’ve seen the attitudes contractors have towards homeowners and the public they serve and it is ugly.

I’m friendly and very honest and upfront with the homeowner at all times. Even if the customer decides to go with another contractor I still get referrals from the homeowner because they had a bad experience with the contractor they choose. That homeowner would call me and said I was a really nice and fair guy and that says a lot.

There are no games or gimmicks with RAY Mac. I always say to my friends, be friendly, honest and nice to the homeowner and you will always have a job to go to. So from me to you the homeowner thank you for looking at my site and I hope in the future I can provide a service for you. Thank you from RAY MAC and enjoy life one day at a time.

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